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About FemRising.

Our background

I didn't feel safe in a group of women. Always on my guard and careful with what I shared, I adapted to blend in. Actually, I just wanted to hang out with the guys. It was so much easier. Over the years, I built up an image that femininity and the feminine were weaknesses, and I was triggered by women who didn't hide it.

One rainy autumn day in Malmö, I realized that it was one of the parts missing in my life. A safe network with women who support each other to grow. Where you don't play different characters to fit in and can have deep conversations about life and its challenges. Conversations that aren't wrapped in bubble wrap just to be comfortable.

I was not alone in that feeling. I wasn't alone in having grown up without that safety. That's why I founded FemRising, which was then called Big Sister, in the spring of 2020. A digital platform where women can meet in life's ups and downs. A platform for growth, development, and a supportive atmosphere through genuine, honest, and raw conversations.

For several years, we have arranged digital conversations, workshops, and retreats. Together, we face life's phases and become better and stronger versions of ourselves. For alone is not strong. We need each other to be better.

Welcome to FemRising.

With love,

Victoria Johansson


Our mission.

Previous generations of women activists have done solid work that has contributed to where we women are today. The ability to go to school, work with what we want, vote in elections, and take leadership positions in society.

However, it has come with a downside. The illusion of the independent woman who should manage on her own. In challenges, in the workplace, not asking for help, and getting through challenges alone. Alone is strong. Not showing vulnerability. Not being too much. Not being too little.

Our mission is to create a strong and stable women's network where we create a safe place to dare to ask for help when life presents challenges, where you are encouraged to be your whole self, where we develop together.

Alone is not strong. We are our own blind spots.

We need each other to become even better.

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Our vision

The mental health of women has increased. Depression, burnout, and anxiety are a significant part of many women's daily lives. Our vision is to invite to a community through conversations, workshops, lectures, and retreats where we can learn from each other and learn more about ourselves. FemRising is a place for you as a woman to develop, be inspired, and encouraged on the inner journey to step out into the world with the potential we can contribute with.

We see a future where we are done with limitations, diminishing ourselves and other women. A future without boundlessness. A future without competition among women. A future of listening to the body and the mind's needs. A future of cross-generational cooperation and guidance that enriches and strengthens us all.

The team

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